Photo courtesy of Homewood City Schools.

The Edgewood Elementary garden is up and running after more than 50 students and parents came together on a Saturday in October. Read more



Photo courtesy of Kurt Key.

Sims EcoScape gets new caretakers. Read more


Sims Garden - 1.jpg

Cherie Olivier

Volunteers from the Southern Environmental Center and Brassfield & Gorrie worked to clear invasive species and rehabilitate the garden. Read more


Sims Garden Ian Hazeloff

Photo by Jordan Hays.

Sims Garden’s new caretakers Ian Hazelhoff and Gaby Spangenberg have visions for growth that include a food forest. Read more


Downton Abbey Highclere Castle

Photo courtesy of June Mays.

Local garden designer June Mays will give a slideshow presentation from her visit to the gardens at Highclere Castle at Homewood Public Library on Sunday, Aug. 23. Read more


Seed to Plate (1 of 15).jpg

Photo by Jordan Hays.

Homewood Middle School’s Environmental Club held its second annual four-day Seeds to Plate program this week. See photos from their gardening experience and tour of the bee hives at the Sims Garden. Read more


Homewood community garden

Photo by Sydney Cromwell.

After years of labor to make the Homewood City Schools community garden a reality, Julie Gentry is seeing the fruits — and vegetables — of her labor. Read more


A new Market Day this fall raised $1,200 for the Sims Garden, located at 908 Highland Road in Edgewood. Read more


0512 Sims Garden Group

Photos by Madoline Markham.

A Market Day is coming to Edgewood. The Sept. 29 event will serve as a fundraiser for the Sims Garden, located at 908 Highland Road, and will last from 2-6 p.m. Read more

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0612 El Paso Wildflower Preserve

Photos courtesy of Dr. William Howell.

A new wildflower garden in Forest Brook subdivision is attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. The preserve, located along Shades Creek, features several species of wildflowers as well as mature oak and pine trees. Read more


0512 Sims Garden Group

Photos by Madoline Markham.

For decades, heirloom shrubs and flowers with standout roses lined five lots at 908 Highland Road. Thanks to new efforts, the legacy of Catherine Sims, the “Plant Lady of Homewood,” is living on in her Edgewood home’s garden. Read more

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