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The Homewood Star is the news and inspiration source for Homewood, Alabama. We publish a monthly print paper and ongoing online content.

It's all intended to strengthen your sense of community and help enhance your life by bringing you stories about events taking place, the issues that challenge us, and the amazing people and their stories that make Homewood the special and unique place that it is. We want to celebrate the achievements of our citizens, the successes of our school system and cover subjects that interest you. Since most of our staff lives here, and even a few of us grew up here, we have a real interest in our city and a love of its history. We want this newspaper to be your vehicle, your voice and your bragging spot.

The Homewood Star is published by Starnes Publishing LLC, a Starnes Media company. 

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The Homewood Star is distributed through direct mail to Homewood residents.

Copies of the paper are also available at:

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Homewood Library

Homewood Police Department

Homewood Senior Center


Nabeel’s Cafe

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