Family Stories

Kile Turner rolled a bicycle out of Toys”R”Us and to his vehicle. Then he returned for another, and another, and finally another, all the same size. Read more


More than ever, Kate is repeating things she hears us say. She says things like, “Hang on, Mom,” “I’ll be right back,” and “Be gentle with baby sister,”— things she obviously hears us (especially me) say often. Read more

Lauren Denton

0712 Playgroup (bows to kindergarten)

Photos courtesy of Brooke Gillis.

This past spring I noticed blue and pink bows on mailboxes around Homewood more than I normally would. It was probably because my own due date was in April, but I found myself wondering if my son will be friends with these babies one day. Read more

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0712 Jo and Bob Echols Vietnam Love Story

Photo by Rick Watson.

Jo and Bob Echols met during the Vietnam War and a few adventures later landed in Homewood. Read more

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0712 aTeam Ministries Thrower Family Photo

Photo courtesy of Heather Durham.

January 6, 2009, forever changed life for the Thrower family when 6-month-old Anderson was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Still, his parents Andy and Jan, and his older sister, Avery, kept faith. Read more


0612 Bradley Family

Photo courtesy of the Bradley family.

As we salute all the hard working dads out there this Father’s Day, we especially remember those that forgo the paycheck and stay at home with the kids. Read more


0612 Where else, but Homewood

Photo by Anna Cate Little.

By the time you read this, I’ll be gone… in Georgia, surrounded by boxes, with my face in my hands. My husband would call that dramatic, but dramatic doesn’t begin to explain the way I feel about leaving home, sweet, Homewood. Read more


0512 Unexpected Motherhood

Photo by Madoline Markham.

While growing up in Homewood, Jill always knew she wanted to be a mom. But after struggling with infertility, she never thought her dream would come true. Read more


In May we salute our mothers, and Homewood has no shortage of busy moms racing about. While every mother is special, perhaps there are some who catch our eye a bit more than others – moms of multiples. Read more


Making Homewood home again: The Bugg Sisters

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Studinka.

Sisters Leslie Doyle and Elizabeth Studinka have fond memories of growing up in Homewood—so much in fact that they have chosen to raise their own families here. Read more


A love that last: Jake and Margaret Monte

Photo by Rick Watson.

The seven-decade-long love story of Jake and Margaret Monte fills volumes. The two, who have lived in Homewood since 1954, celebrated their 71st anniversary on Jan. 30, 2012. Read more


Tales of a house divided

Photo courtesy of the Bidgmon family

Ernest Lee Staggs, my grandfather, loved Alabama football. I still think about my grandfather when I think about football, especially Alabama football. He would have definitely given me a hard time about dating an Auburn fan, much less marrying one. Read more


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