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Sydney Cromwell

The voluntary agreement states that the cities will not give incentives or otherwise try to lure businesses from their neighbors. Read more



Photo by Kamp Fender

Signs of the city’s economic development work will be visible throughout downtown Homewood in 2019, Ward 1 City Councilor Britt Thames says. Read more


Council Dec. 3, 2018

Sydney Cromwell

The council also approved an incentives package for a developer on 18th Street South. Read more


Curio Hotel

Courtesy of Scotty Stanford

The development would expand the scope of a project originally proposed in 2017. Read more

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Photo by Sydney Cromwell

Compared to national averages, Birmingham is lagging behind in growth for population, jobs and overall economic development. Read more


Samford University

Sydney Cromwell

2016 is the 175th year of Samford University's existence, and while the anniversary is technically Dec. 29, Westmoreland said there will be special events all year long. Read more


Homewood Committee

Emily Featherston

Campbell said that with the current set up, the boards find it difficult to effectively help the city, despite having significant talent. Read more


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