Thank you for all the wonderful and creative people who sent in their pictures to The Homewood Star Costume Contest, and congratulations to our winner, who dressed as a deviled egg. The photo was submitted by Mary Forsyth Biggs. more


Thomas Jackson "TJ" Rozzell, his brother Daniel Rozzell and their friend Hudson Burke passed time during their summer by building a solar oven. After entering the solar oven in a STEM content, the kids won an iPad. more

Shades Cahaba

Homewood Art Gallery Opening

Photo by Madoline Markham.

An opening reception for the winners of the Homewood Arts Council's Faces, Places and Traces of Homewood photo contest was held on June 18. The winners are on display as the inaugural exhibit of the new Homewood Art Gallery in City Hall. more


Alabama Gaslight & Grill is teaming up with Dreamland to hold a recipe contest now through March 21. more


You sent in your best of your summer photos, and we've chosen our favorites. Take a look at how fellow Homewood's days of play and adventure. more


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