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Photo by Sydney Cromwell.

‘Supernatural Assignments’ a sequel to Faustina Korley’s 2009 work ‘Seeing Beyond.’ Read more


STAR FEAT Jack Owens.jpeg

Photo by Alyx Chandler.

Retired FBI agent gets ready to publish 2nd book of fictional trilogy. Read more



Photo courtesy of Lauren Denton.

The finished product, “The Hideaway,” will be released April 11. Read more



Photo by Sarah Tuttle.

The book is a collection of short essays about the 12 most strategic issues in life. It is Simmons’ guide to try and help all people walk in wisdom towards a meaningful life. Read more


Beside one another, a palm-sized “Jane Austen: Her Complete Novels in One Sitting” and “1001 Things Every Teen Should Know Before They Leave Home” sit stacked neatly in Homewood Central Park’s recently renovated Little Free Library. Read more


Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School students helped historical figures come to life through a recent book report project. Read more

Private Schools

Homewood resident Lorenzo Brown's new book chronicles his life-altering events. Read more


Lori Nichols Maple Book

Photo courtesy of Ken Nichols.

An idea began to blossom in Lori Nichols' mind. She believed she could utilize her skills as an illustrator to create children’s books. Read more


0612 True Measure of a Man

Photo by Madoline Markham.

With the economic tsunami in recent years, men have been looking for answers amidst the loss of jobs and other life transitions. Where have they found them? The True Measure of a Man, a book written by Richard E. Simmons III of Homewood. Read more


Booksmith thrives in shaky times for print

Photo by Madoline Markham.

In an age of eReaders and defunct bookstores, Alabama Booksmith, located on 19th Street in Homewood, is thriving in the business of the printed word. Read more


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