School board approves $280,000 budget for lid bill exemption campaign



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HB 146 aka Amendment 1 unlimited taxing in only Homewood

After thoroughly researching HB 146, aka Amendment 1, sponsored by David Faulkner and John Rogers, it quickly passed as a political favor for the Mayor and City Council of Homewood, I am absolutely certain that HB 146 amends the State of Alabama constitution. With that, and with confirmation by Judge John Carroll, who teaches at Cumberland Law School, the bill requires a statewide ballot vote to pass or fail legally.

This newspaper is the City of Homewood's advertiser and they publish the political spin, just like they do for other communities.

This bill is already passed, and no matter how people vote, or if they even vote at all it is passed, and the City leaders have been overspending because they know happy days are here. They celebrated this bill in Montgomery knowing full well that citizens do not fact check. No one emails Judge Carroll and asks him about legislation when they lie and say it is a good thing.

No other city in Alabama has completely unlimited blank check authority for the State of Alabama, the Jefferson County Commission and for the city leaders to raise all of the taxes, for both commercial and personal property each and every year, without any kind of limits or restrictions.

The school board, and staff work for the city leaders and are paid to do this. Look at the construction being done, and I suspect they get pretty nice paychecks compared to most Alabama schools. By faithfully doing this, they can surely expect a good raise.

This is wrong. People are being lied to and good kind loving trusting people in only Homewood are giving up their let me clear that up, they already have. When they elected people who lie and do this kind of thing right under the noses of its citizens, thanks to the rest of the State of Alabama elected officials, the Governor and even the State Attorney General, who all know this is the way the elected officials lie and do their dirty business, this is corruption of the highest level I have seen in my life.

No matter what citizens do, this bill is passed, and this is the spin that law firms like the one David Faulkner works for do to make over $300.00 US per hour.

Next year the taxes will increase, because they will say there is a shortfall, and with all the new construction projects and the many still planned it is necessary and they will have no choice.

People get rid of them. Vote them all out.

Read HB 146 and talk to Judge Carroll about it. He emailed me back to let me know he got my message when I learned the ballot measure was only on Jefferson County's ballot.

I feel very sorry now that I told the Mayor when the county commissioners illegally, two years ago, raised car tag prices for city, state and county taxes for vehicles over 15 years old. To keep quiet and as a pay back they all got this done. Commissioners can make it, and more, legal now, and so can the State of Alabama, but of course only for Homewood.

Robbie Kidwell 92 days ago

Homewood Star