Meet state “Sweet 16” Teacher of the Year finalist Jerome Isley

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Teacher of the year

As I read the words from the interview with my brother, I think about the priviledge I had watching him grow into the man/teacher he is today and the man his character is leading him to be. He is the youngest of 5 children. He has been a nurturer all his life. His loyalty to God, family and work has created a unique teacher that benefits the students, teachers and staff at hall kent. He always has had the uncanny ability to be a leader by example. The attributes i have observed growing up with Jerome as my brother has always been honesty, availability, loyalty, dependabilty and compassion to name a few. To know him in any of his many roles ( son, brother, husband, dad, teacher, friend etc) is to know that he is a man of integrity and consistency. His faith is solid, his family is priority and in his job is his fulfillment. He makes a difference in the lives of all who know him.... But the ones who benefit the most from his strong, nurturing and attitude of a servant is his students. They KNOW what Mr Isley expects...... Because he teaches and leads them by example. I am proud of him, I love him and honored that others have recognized his humble greatness.

Sherryl Isley more than 6 years ago

Homewood Star