The ‘remarkable’ Remelle Davis



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Special Lady

I met Remelle a year ago. She is such an accomplished Christian lady...always with a smile on her face!

Beth Robinson 169 days ago

Special Aunt

My Aunt Remelle is an amazing woman. Her talent, compassion and contagious laugh are priceless. Love this article!!!

Lori Moker 170 days ago


I love and admire you Remelle!!
You have been most kind and gracious to me and I am most grateful. You are my mentor; I want to be like Remelle “when I grow up.”
To God be the Glory!

Dr. Jo Ann Huddleston 171 days ago

Remember Davis

She is sooooooo special to me and I love her so much! She is FUN to be around and always laughing and just a WONDERFUL Christian Lady!

Nina Tidwell 171 days ago

Homewood Star