Holiday tamales on sale from HICA



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Mancha's Hot Tamales

Bruno Mancha was My Great Grand Father, I love to see articles wrote about our Famous Hot Tamales!!!! We still Make Them 2 times a year and would love to find the time to open another Mancha's Tamale shop in Birmingham. The Process is correct from above it is a very lengthy process but when you bite into one it makes it all worth the time and efforts.

I currently own
Mancha Hardscapes LLC, 2508 Rocky Ridge Road. We Just had our Grand Opening and we made all the Hot sauces and Tamales for the Grand Opening with live Music etc..... I could not believe the line of people that came for Tamales and Hot Sauce. The funny thing was, Our Grand opening for the Show room became more about the tamales and our family history than it was about show casing the pools, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens etc....

We have Been in Business for 12 years and not a week goes by that somebody doesn't stop me and tell a story. My wife said when all the Kids start school she would help me run the Mancha's Tamale shop that we are all longing for to open.

Thanks Again,
John Mancha

John Mancha more than 7 years ago