Bob Tedrow: Maestro of ‘Antique Noise’



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Homewood Music

Bob Tedrow and staff links me with the Good Ol' Days when a man's word was his bond, when integrity was the rule and when respect was a given.
I am a customer but have never set foot in his store. Every time I phone I get
unhurried expert service which leads to lengthy conversation on whatever comes to mind. He is a true Gentleman, a credit to his community and the United States.

Redmond O Colonies more than 8 years ago


Dale, excellent article. Loved this thought, "And when you play old music on an old instrument, you’re actually creating antique noise."

Claire Datnow more than 8 years ago

Bob Tedrows work


For anyone who's never seen what Mr Tedrow does, have a look at the following article this will confirm without doubt that Mr Tedrow is in fact a "God"

I have told him so, but never having met him personally cant say as to whether people "Black out" in his presence. (I'm guessing they do for the first 4 or 5 times)

Keep up the good work Mr Tedrow, maybe when I get a few pounds I'll pop and see you. (make sure you have a rubber mat available to lessen the impact as I hit the deck)

Howard Emms
Concertina novice.

Howard Emms more than 8 years ago