Limbaugh wins City Council president

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In reply to the comment from Homewood Concerned Citizen:
No employees of The Homewood Star were out campaigning for any candidates. I think you may be referring to an unpaid contributor from the community, whom we appreciate. Feel free to email me to discuss.
Further anonymous comments will not be published.

Mr. Jones,
Mr Azbik dropped out of the race within the last couple of weeks.

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Dan Starnes

Dan Starnes more than 8 years ago

Congrats Bruce from Texas, former HW residents

I am sure you will do a great job for Homewood Like the GOP quote, "we need politicians who are more interested in doing something than being something". As long time Romney supporters, led by our Wash DC in-the-know daughter Renee, we look forward to his win as well! Public service is an honor, duty, and a privilege, Thank you for putting yourself out there!

Kathy and James Courtland more than 8 years ago


Thanks to all the candidates that ran. The one disappointment was to see an employee for the Homewood Star out campaining fir a candidate yesterday. This is a paper that should equally represent all the citizens of Homewood.

Homewood concerned citizen more than 8 years ago

Fred Azbik

Why wasn't Fred on the ballot? I didn't hear anywhere that he dropped out.

Buford Jones more than 8 years ago