Council passes increase to parking fines



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Fines and Fees

Outrageous fines and fees. I guess overhead expense is not enough. Just like paying ten dollars for a copy of your police report, when it was formally one dollar. Instead of giving you a copy of your police report, they turn around - put it on the copier, and charge you ten dollars. It may be even higher now. Every copy joint in America does not charge charge ten dollars for a copy, but Homewood does. How about a reduction in fees, fines, and taxes? A previous Mayor said " We can't do that! The Citizens want services. " The response was " When is the last time you asked a Citizen if they want services, are they willing to pay a higher sales tax, ad valorum tax, or fees and they said yes? " The next response was - you made your point.

Kevin Forsyth more than 4 years ago


"I guess I'll never do that again!" Said the person that had to pay the 'outrageous fines and fees'.

Woody Woodpecker more than 4 years ago