Saulter Road

Homewood Green Skies-1.jpg

Jesse Chambers

The council has enlisted the help of the Homewood Environmental Commission and Henry Hughes from the Birmingham Botanical Gardens to create this plan. more


Mayfair sidewalks

Department of Building, Engineering and Zoning

These projects are planned for the 2017 fiscal year. more


Saulter Road Sidewalks

Sydney Cromwell

Cobb estimated that putting sidewalks along the entire two-mile length of Saulter would have a minimum cost of $500,000. more

News 1 Comments

See what was discussed at the Feb. 1 city council committee meetings. more


City Council

Sydney Cromwell

Chris Tucker brought the request before the city council to build a three-feet-high picket fence on three sides of the property, where he plans to build five houses. more


Samford Saulter Road Gate

Photo by Madoline Markham.

In response to growing enrollment, Samford University invited residents of the neighborhood surrounding its campus to a June 4 meeting to update them on campus developments and how neighborhoods might be affected. more


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May 2018