Free Friday Flicks move to Hoover

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Oh how terrible!

I am so sad that we lost the sponsorship! What a terrible loss for our city! Is there even a walk-able community around Veterans Park? Another tradition that, for years, has added to our special community has bitten the dust.

Patti Meg more than 4 years ago


I guess it's for safety reasons? Community Center construction? I'm hoping that's it. Makes me very sad. We've been doing Free Friday Flicks since my 14 year old was 3-4 years old. Sad to lose this Homewood tradition.

Claudine more than 4 years ago

Homewood to Hoover... is for the birds

This isn't a move. It should read "Movies in the park have been canceled. "
"Hoover will have movies in Vetrans Park. "
Shucks. What a loss for the 'Wood.

Chad Hathorne more than 4 years ago

Move to Hoover

The park board canceled the movie contract back in November.

Liz more than 4 years ago

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