Tricia Kirk

Chili Cook-Off 2019

Photo by Jon Anderson

There were 152 teams competing to see who could make the best chili. Read more


Bringing joy

Photo by Jesse Chambers.

The Homewood Police Department delivered Santa to the Foundation for his annual visit. Read more


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Sydney Cromwell

Over 100 teams brought their best chili recipes to Brookwood Village for the Chili Cook-off. Read more


A rezoning of two Oxmoor Road properties marks the Council’s approval of The Exceptional Foundation’s plan to build a youth center and additional parking on the site. Read more

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1113 Exceptional Foundation

Photo by Lauren Moriarty.

It all started with a vacuum cleaner. One day as she talked about her vacuum with friends, stay-at-home mom Tricia Kirk was struck by a feeling of emptiness. Read more


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