The city worked with Volkert Engineering to determine its paving priorities. Read more


Trolley Line Preservation

City of Homewood

The work to preserve the tracks is part of the city's annual paving budget. Read more


Special issues committee

Sydney Cromwell

The time limit on parking on 18th Street may be increased to three hours. Read more

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Sydney Cromwell

The meeting covered community-wide concerns such as sidewalks, paving and street signs as well as individual resident desires. Read more


Valley Avenue

Sydney Cromwell

The project was let for bid at the end of August. Read more


Mayfair sidewalks

Department of Building, Engineering and Zoning

If approved, the first two phases of the proposed project would be funded. Read more

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Road paver

Image courtesy of surasakiStock at

The milling and repaving work should be done this calendar year, Mayor Scott McBrayer said. Read more


City Council

Sydney Cromwell

The decision came after a brief executive session. Read more

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Homewood Committee

Emily Featherston

Campbell said that with the current set up, the boards find it difficult to effectively help the city, despite having significant talent. Read more


Permeable Pavers

Sydney Cromwell

These pavers have a higher initial cost than concrete or asphalt paving, but Pitre said they cause less longterm damage to storm water drainage systems and erosion. Read more


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