Lauren Denton

This summer, I’ve been reading a book I think will become my required summertime reading. “Liturgy of the Ordinary” by Tish Harrison Warren is about finding God’s presence “in the cracks of our days.” Read more

Lauren Denton

Back in the spring, we made the decision to renovate our kitchen. Read more

Lauren Denton

With her first book having made it to USA Today’s and the Wall Street Journal’s best-seller lists, it’s safe to say that Lauren Denton knows a thing or two about writing. Read more


A call from the nurse is never good news, though, and as I stared at those two words on the screen, I envisioned a sick child along with my afternoon plans dissolving. Read more

Lauren Denton

Not long ago, I was rushing out the door to go to a book event and Kate stopped me as I put on my shoes. Read more

Lauren Denton

Ordinary Days By Lauren Denton Read more

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