Homewood Planning Commission

Homewood Planning Commission 7-10-18

Photo by Jesse Chambers

The church will construct the unit at the church's Oakmont campus more


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Photo by Erica Techo

LBYD engineer Curtis Eatman presented the three cases before the Planning Commission and addressed community questions and concerns. more


Proposed home designs on Broadway

Courtesy of Chris Tucker.

Real estate investor and Homewood resident Chris Tucker said the reason for his success was the time he spent going from door to door in Edgewood, talking to every homeowner who could see the property from their houses. more

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West Homewood District rezoning

Image from West Homewood District Form-Based Code

During a meeting April 1, the Homewood Planning Commission voted 6-0 to recommend bringing properties along Oxmoor Road, Oak Grove Road and Scott Street into the West Homewood District. more

The rezoning of two lots on Oxmoor Road to make way for an expansion by The Exceptional Foundation will be back in front of the City’s Planning Commission for additional review at the April 14 City Council meeting. more


The code would ensure consistent character of buildings in the area, much like those seen in Edgewood or downtown Homewood. more


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