Christenberry Planetarium

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Anne Dawson

Beginning right at 7 p.m., the show lasted around an hour and 15 minutes and took viewers back in time to Dec. 25 the year Jesus was born in search of the Star of Bethlehem. Read more



Photo courtesy of Samford University.

With the hustle and bustle of shopping and events, the Christmas season can get overwhelming. Read more


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Photo courtesy of Christenberry Planetarium.

The Christmas star is an essential part of Nativity scenes and the biblical Christmas story. Read more



Photo Courtesy of NASA/JPL via Caltech.

Samford University will host The Martian Frontier summer camp June 27–30 at its Christenberry Planetarium. Read more


Planetarium 10.14

Caroline Summers/Samford University

The Samford University Christenberry Planetarium will host its annual Star of Bethlehem show at select dates and times throughout the month of December. Read more


Planetarium 10.14

Caroline Summers/Samford University

If you like a little space — or a lot — Samford University’s Christenberry Planetarium might be the place for you. Read more


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