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Homewood Dog Debate

Photo by Keith McCoy.

The city of Homewood has begun considering ways to strengthen its current ordinances in response to eight attacks by loose dogs that have happened since October 2014. Read more

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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Proclamation

Sydney Cromwell

The council was also supposed to hear an initial 2015-2016 budget presentation from Mayor Scott McBrayer, but this was postponed due to some unresolved details. Read more


Public Safety Committee

Sydney Cromwell

The public safety committee also discussed the problem of victims being unwilling to file complaints. Mike Kendrick said that in order for police to respond to a dog attack, they must either witness the incident or act upon a formal complaint. Read more


Homewood committee meetings

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The Homewood public safety committee is requesting consideration of current and future animal control ordinances at its Monday, Aug. 17 meeting. Read more


An online survey this week also found that most people are against specific regulations around the ownership of certain types of dogs, such as pit bulls. Read more

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We’d like to hear what the community thinks about how the city should respond regarding dangerous dogs. Share your opinion in our survey. Read more

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Dangerous Dog Ordinances

Sydney Cromwell

Discussion by the committee and Hurst ranged across a wide variety of ways to reduce the number of dog attacks. Read more

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Animal Control Ordinance

Sydney Cromwell

At its July 20 meeting, the public safety committee heard from animal control officer Robbie Bagby Hurst and Lt. Ross about the possibility of new ordinances for aggressive dogs. Read more

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