Trinity, Oakmont congregations to celebrate merger this month



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Farewell Oakmont

I attended Oakmont United Methodist Church's final service under that name. That little Church has meant so much to me over the years. I grew up there as many others did and have thousands of fond memories that involve all the people I grew up with. That's only a small part of what I will miss about Oakmont.

The men of Oakmont showed me what a Christian man was supposed to be and I rely on the memories of those men all the time when things are hard. Joe Green, Ralph Davis, Wade Bradley, Jim Holloway, Tom Mosley, B. Baker, Neal Snider, Bob Blackshear, Bob Gilbert, my Dad and many others are in this group. Most of them have gone on now but I I will always remember them.

The ladies of the Church who always welcomed me back whenever I passed through in my travels around the world will also forever remain in my heart.

Finally, though I haven't lived in Homewood for almost 40 years, I have always considered Oakmont as my home Church. I have transfered my membership a number of times and am deeply involved in the 1st EFUMC of Enterprise, AL now but,.... whenever things have been at their darkest, when the issues of life seemed like they were going to take over....Oakmont was always there for me, the love of the congregation for a wandering Soldier they saw only once every few years is something that I will always carry with me. Thank You Oakmont and Good Luck to Trinity West.

Rae McInnis

Rae McInnis more than 3 years ago