Remembering Edgewood Lake



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A block from the Edgewood Lake Dam

I also grew up a block from the Edgewood lake Dam. I lived at 111 Lakeview Dr form 1957 till 1964. I played ALL OVER the dam and surrounding area. When the area just East of the dam in the area between the dam and Green Springs /Columbia Rd. Was a "dump" I and the neighborhood kids rummaged through the debris and found everything from boxes of current 45s to bath tile. My father used old tile I brought from the dump when putting a bathroom in our basement. My back yard was where the ramp up to I65 begins now. My house sits on the corner where Lakeview (almost ) meets Lakehore Drive. I used to hunt as an eleven year old along the creek with a shotgun and an old pistol. Homewood seemed to end going west at my house. I even had a "fort" where State Farm sits now. When cattle trucks coming "down" Columbiana Rd. Would turn over just north of Berry Rd. where the road was " off canter " we would spend all night rounding them up . Watching Mrs. Narkates freak out when a cow standing in her terraced rock garden was shot in the rear with a BB gun was priceless .(wasn't me) . I went to Edgewood , Homewood Jr. High , and Shades Valley. I was pitcher for the "Giants" Little League baseball team, Eagle Scout troop 83 at Dawson , first string defensive tackle Shades Valley, mayor of Homewood for a day and blew bubbles in the front row seats of the Homewood theater. I grew in Dawson ,I don't mean as just a member but litteraly in the building. There was Sunday School , regular servic , Training Union, Scout meeting, night service , Wednesday night plus I was David Arendalls buddy so .......... I can re-live it a little by reading "Craig Legs book. "Homewood". Homewood, what a great time time and place to grow up. Inward a WWII vet say " we were being part of the times in which we lived, we were assigned to particular moment in that time and we're trying to fulfill it the best we could. I can't couch it in more heroic terms as much as I would like to". Thank God mine was a time of Peace and I fulfilled as best I could . I love Homewood.

Robert (Bobby) Myers more than 2 years ago

Homewood Star