Valley Avenue to lose a lane



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They wouldnt even consider this except the new school board is moving there and a park which will bring even more traffic. They dont use valley so they dont have a clue !

Shawn Barakat more than 5 years ago


This is crazy 1. the people that live on valley dont take care of the property looks like the hood... 2. The road needs repair badly. 3. The roads need turning lanes. It is already crazy with 28000 cars going through each day ....What are they thinking ??????

Shawn Barakat more than 5 years ago

Valley avenue

Reducing Valley Avenue to a three lane road is one of the worst ideas conceived. Traffic through the area is already congested as it is. Narrowing may reduce speeding but it will worsen an already heavy traffic area.

Rachel more than 5 years ago

Homewood Star