Public hearing set for 18th street hotel, retail development incentives package



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New development

Hi, I understand that developments bring new revenues but I have a couple of concerns. One is that a project of this size will completely change the comfortable, welcoming atmosphere of downtown Homewood that makes it so special. A good example of what I am talking about is the Little Professor Bookstore. It is just not the same since forced to move - lost its ambiance. My second concern is traffic, of course. It is already difficult to maneuver the streets in the area and the hotel will make it even more congested.

Gail Leonard more than 1 year ago

Partially agree

75% of the revenue (if I read this correctly) are given back. WHY? No to this. I see no reason to do so - it is unfair to everyone else who pays taxes. If taxes are too high then cut taxes for everyone but we don't live in an aristocracy! I do support a vibrant urban core and while this probably will increase traffic and reduce ambiance, I am OK with it so long as they play by the same rules as everyone else.

PJ more than 1 year ago