Mayfair sidewalks move to funding discussion, Valley Avenue project let for bid



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The council needs to send out a letter to all Mayfair residences and let everyone's vote weigh in on this project. Many of us live here in Homewood because of the access to shops, restaurants, and schools that are within walking distance. Mayfair Drive and Roxbury, as well as Lancaster are all in great need of a sidewalk for safety. I can understand for a few residences to not want it for evident reasons but if the city is willing to repair or in someway replace parking space etc., then it should be done. I live on Overton and I think it'd be great to have a sidewalk on at least one side of every street in Homewood. That would be a long term plan but so worth it with all the children and the walking access to the park, downtown area, etc.

Kristi Wilson more than 3 years ago