Live/dine concept proposed for vacant lot next to Patriot Park



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West Homewood Proposal

Wondering where the new development plans to park cars? Parking is very limited around Patriot Park and especially on nice days. The development would need parking for condo owners plus cars belonging to people going to the restaurant.

Michelle more than 4 years ago

Exciting Times for West Homewood

This would be a great addition to our neighborhood. POP in Avondale is always packed, and this will continue to attract other retailers to the area. Agree with the comment about that we need more people in order to make these new places viable. So excited about the potential here!

Heather more than 4 years ago

Have they actually seen the site?

Love the concept... however the size of the lot was a concern with the grove and these guys are talking about adding condos?!? Can we just have a pizza joint without making this over-complicated?!?

Concerned Citizen more than 4 years ago

I agree

I would prefer a few smaller restaurants with takeout and maybe communal seating ..

Rick more than 4 years ago

Yes, They Have

The architect lives 2 block away - in the neighborhood - so yes, they have seen the site. Sometimes, just doing a pizza joint doesn't make the numbers work. In my mind, it's a small compromise to allow 4 upscale condos.

Erik more than 4 years ago

Never only 4 condos

I read last night that developers also tried to push a unpopular Econo Lodge. My gut says they'll keep building after 4 condos. Love me for the $ -AC/DC

Angus more than 4 years ago

Great Idea

This is exactly the kind of concept that I had in mind when I thought of the proposed West Homewood Village. This project will set the tone for the revitalized business district, and Hunter Lake and Appleseed just get "it." Very happy to have this proposal and team. A win for Homewood, and more specifically my West Homewood neighborhood.

Erik more than 4 years ago

Bad idea

As a WEHO resident this is the worst proposal yet. We don't want more houses! We want to have dining and shopping options similar to Edgewood and SOHO. I think the city messed up by continuing to pass on the grove proposal. It gave the best opportunity to have multiple spaces for retail and dining.

Andrew more than 4 years ago

Patriot Park

Not necessarily opposed to the idea of this development, but am concerned about the choice of architects. Appleseed Workshop projects do not fit in traditional neighborhoods.

Chrissy more than 4 years ago

can't have more restaurants without homes

more retail/dining is deal, but WeHo doesn't have the population density to justify more retail and dining without also adding residents. that's one of the reasons seasoned developers aren't jumping on this location; not enough people to ensure retail/dining is viable long-term.

Matt more than 4 years ago


West Homewood hotels are packed with tourists every night who go to go out in Birmingham because there's nothing to to in Homewood. Stop being jealous and keeping WeHo down. more than 4 years ago