Hollywood pedestrian bridge could be funded this fall



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Hollywood Pedestrian Bridge

While no one is protesting the Hollywood Pedestrian Bridge, No one is telling the whole story.
The Department of Transportation requires a sidewalk to be built leading to and from the Bridge.
This is where the trouble starts, and Ms. Andress and the city councils of both cities knows this requires the obliteration of a number of graves between the fence and street at the cemetery.
What do these politicians plan for these old settlers buried there? Do they really care? It certainly seems they DO Not !!
As a former runner and track club member, I would like to know why these kids just have to run down Hollywood? They have a very nice area to run on Lakeshore. Is it because these runs start and end at the Trak Shak? Or is it really for Homewood to win the "Most Walkable City in America Award" again ?
I would think that the Homewood Historical Society and anyone with any decency and yes any morals would be against the desecration of 100 year old graves.

Kenneth Brown more than 1 year ago

Desecrating Graves

As a member of the Union Hill Cemetery, graduate of Homewood High school, former United States Marine and great grandson of a residents of the cemetery,building a path over existing grave sites is not only a violation of Alabama Burial Act 13-A-7-23.1, it is also is a moral outrage. This is a pet project for a select few to win an award and for Ms. Andress to elevate her political career and personal fame within the running community. There are several alternatives and there is always the option, to simply cross the street.

Union Hill has been reduced in size over the years for the public and private interests. It is time to let these founders of the area, rest in peace.

David more than 1 year ago


This is a pet project of a councilwoman who is a jogger. This will only cater to a few joggers. If anything this will hurt pedestrian traffic to Downtown Homewood from Hollywood. Not sure why the city seems all in a luxury niche project like this. City Council continues to prove that it’s out of touch and it’s priorities are way out of wack.

Allen H. more than 1 year ago


I would rather see $830,000 put forward for the historical preservation of Homewood especially towards Rosedale projects

Shawn Barakat more than 1 year ago