Finance committee considers safety measures at Overton Park



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Overton Park

I grew up in Homewood, and in Overton Park. If the wall has created a danger, signage should alert parents and grandparents to not let there little ones play on the wall. If the City wants to make it safer cheaply, place more ground covering for cushion, but if the parents/grandparents aren't paying attention to kids in dangerous situations, shame on them.
The City that I still call home should not have to become the home for Politically Correct safety mainly due to parents who would rather complain, than use common sense. All for protecting the kids, but you must fall, so you can pick yourself up and learn. And BTW, we jumped off high dives in pools, rode to the Elks club without helmets, rode in cars without seat belts, and we somehow lived through it all. Go figure...

Nelson Williams more than 3 years ago