Final plans, pricing for West Homewood, Patriot park improvements to be available within two months

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Adding a Timeline to the Facts Above

Let me say that NONE of these numbers provided in the article were presented to me at the regular park board meeting June 8th despite them having all questions in advance. They dismissed every question like proving their plans with numbers was some request out of left field. The writer of the article acquired these numbers to fill in the large holes missing from the board meeting. The park board told me that numbers didn't tell the whole story and the demographic study of the same target audience didn't matter. Please see how Vestavia has the kids+hours = # and types of fields spelled out for their citizens with supply and demand charts on fields as well as demographic projections. You know what numbers proved to them, too many triangles and not enough squares as kids were shifting sports. I want to feel better about $30 million on courts/fields/complexes/etc. Plans always look pretty, but we have only a certain amount of money, I just want to make sure we putting the money where it will be used instead of a new high school - which from the school board facility survey is what everyone wants the most.

Lindsey C more than 3 years ago