Downtown businesses and city working to solve tree problem



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Mature trees are a treasure

The fact that the trees are large is much of what gives 18th St. such special character. Replacing them with small ones would make it look like a new housing development rather than a lovely town center. Properly maintained trees don't drop limbs. They are taken down on purpose. Surely there are devices that can help keep drains clear, like a gutter guard does for a private home. It also sounds like the roofs need to be checked and cleared regularly, particularly after a storm. I agree that this would be a non-issue if the city and the business owners both did better maintenance.

Martha Bains more than 4 years ago

Evil Homewood Trees

Who knew trees could be so evil and cause such widespread and disparate damage???? Unless there's more to this story than I just read, this sounds to me like a lack of maintenance by both the city and the property owners - no fault of the trees themselves. Replacing every shade or street tree in Homewood with a Crepe Myrtle (a disturbing trend) is not the solution.

Jeff Fowler more than 4 years ago