Craft brewery could come to Central Avenue



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Why no food?

That seems like a stupid rule. It turns what could be a family friendly adventure into nothing more than a bar. Who just sits around drinking beer without food anyway?

Adriana more than 5 years ago

Read This

Abyone who has ever met Joe Pilleteri and knows him well. Knows that he is a man of great character. A man who values God, family, friends, and morality above all else. He is a strong Christian man who is envisioning a relaxed, neighborhood establishment to help create a sense of community and friendship in Homewood. He has no intention of this being referred to as a "Bar" full of debauchary and late night drunkeness (which... If I may say... Can be found ANYwhere. Including Soho)?? Please do your research on this man and his ideas.

He attended a prestigious Military Academy, his wife is shaping our youth by dedicating her career to teaching, and they have two beautiful young daughters. Joe and his investors believe in the importance of keeping small businesses alive and thriving in the beautiful suburbs of Birmingham. So before you slay this idea. Imagine sitting in a classy Tap Room for a tasting of one of his session beers while he explains to you the intricacy of developing that new and full flavor. Let's give this place a chance and experience the difference.

Keaton more than 5 years ago

Great idea!

I love great beer, hopefully Joe will make this a perfect spot for me to laugh at 'horrible idea' running by.

Thirst Dave more than 5 years ago

I can't wait

I love beer, great beer. Let's hope Joe can deliver.

Thirsty Dave more than 5 years ago

horrible idea agreed

Hey I know, lets put a beer brewery right next door to a place, Steel City Pops, that has 20 kids sitting outside at any given time during the summer. And I am definitely looking forward to dodging drunk drivers as I run past it after work. As the article states the area is crowded enough, why invite even more outsiders to it. I live by Central Park, trust me I know how much traffic is in that area, especially when you're running in the evenings. Homewood is a family community, lets keep our kids safe and the drunks out.

Concerned Citizen of Homewood more than 5 years ago

I don't understand

He says that he is going to address parking and there are already two alcohol serving businesses (Little Donkey and Octane) at that location

Confused more than 5 years ago

whats not to understand

I don't think they can clear out any more trees in that area to expand the existing parking lot. And to add to that, the existing parking lot is a major cause of the traffic on that road. Its always full so there are almost always cars stopped in the road waiting to go in and out of it. Do we really want GianMarco type congestion in that area, or does he plan on busing people in? Edgewood is crowded enough. If he insist on being in Homewood, go to west Homewood where traffic is limited, and away from where the roads are shared with runners and cyclist.

Concerned Citizen of Homewood more than 5 years ago

More than one way

Isn't there more than one way to get to the surrounding streets? If you don't like the traffic flow on Reece Street than take a different route for driving and running

It's not that difficult more than 5 years ago

More than just one?

For one there are a number of gyms located within a block of that location that use Reece street in their exercise route. There are also a number of parades, weekly runs (Track shack), and other exercise events that use Reece as a route. The only other way would be to play frogger through the curve of death that lies just north of Reece on Central. As narrow as Reece street is, it is not designed for the amount of traffic that is already occuring, much less the future traffic that will come with opening a brewery.

Concerned Citizen of Homewood more than 5 years ago


1. Just because 1 business uses public roadways to run on means no new businesses came be established? Maybe they should go to a track or how about a treadmill. I know I run everyday in Vestavia...I choose to drive to a local park to run on the track vs running down Hwy 31 or other busy roadways. You don't see me crying.

2. Maybe Birmingham should enable Uber to operate so there would be less traffic and parking to worry about.

3. Stop crying because you are a Mountain Brook wanna be living in Homewood and think you are God's gift to the Earth.

Justin more than 4 years ago

not smart about the restaurant two doors down serving liquor and beer and how about the coffee shop NEXT DOOR to Steel City Pops that serves liquor, beer, etc. Please have an open mind and realize that your statement makes zero sense.

Jay more than 5 years ago

Looking forward to it!

Can't wait - Homewood is the perfect place for a family friendly craft brewery. I look forward to visiting as a fellow small business owner in Homewood.

Raj more than 5 years ago

horrible idea

the price is already a death trap as it stands you can't even drive thru there without fear of getting run over it's all fall find another location

Shawn more than 5 years ago


Shawn, please learn how to craft a coherent sentence before sharing such drivel. This would be great for the area and here's hoping Mr. Pilleteri follows through with this endevour!

Brian more than 5 years ago

Joe Rocks

Joe P would make the best beer around. All you haters should lighten up. I'm coming by when it opens to grab me a pint of "little red corvette," "wooooo!" and "wass'up boss?" as I'm sure these will be three of the best beers around

Kopy more than 5 years ago