Council to consider 8-year pavement plan



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There is no excuse for elected officials refusal to maintain our roads and infrastructure of the last 30 plus years. According to 1 study a few years ago by an independent organization, roads were the number one item out of 10 potential capital items that residents preferred their hard earned tax money be spent on. It's simple - it looks good and helps maintain the value of your home. If Mountain Brook can do this every year, Homewood should have been able to do the same. The fact of the matter is the 4 million dollar plan will only take a small bite out of the needs. The 20 million dollar plan could go a long way, and engineers I have spoken to in the past have stated it will take much more. We don't have the money due to our reckless spending and prioritizing of pet projects. With the highest unfunded pension liability percentage in most of Alabama, and with the highest per capita number of employees and growing, our elected officials always seem to lose sight of priorities. So where is the money going to come from to do the repairs needed? Oh I forgot - higher taxes. Watch out - it's coming! If anything we should be looking for ways to become more efficient with a zero line accounting process one line item at a time. We could refinance the new Recreation Center. Paying 16 million for construction and another 15 million in financing costs is just plain stupid. When is the last time you bought a home for $ 200,000.00 and paid another $ 200,000.00 to finance it? Quite a conundrum isn't it. The Citizens and tax payers of Homewood need to pay more attention to how and why our elected officials keep spending money needlessly on the wrong priorities with no real mandate from the tax payers. As long as we keep ignoring them, then will continue to recklessly spend other peoples money. Just a thought, but most of them will consider these comments to be all wet.

Kevin Forsyth more than 4 years ago

bike lane

This seems like a great time to consider adding bike lanes in strategic locations. Management should have the foresight to strongly consider this.

Chad Williamson more than 4 years ago