Council hears options for Hollywood pedestrian bridge



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Why would be want to spend this amount so Homewood residents can walk and spend money in Mountain Brook. Is Mountain Brook willing to split the cost?

MITCH NELSON more than 2 years ago

Hollywood Blvd. Bridge

Why would Homewood even entertain the idea of disrupting the Cemetery, disturbing the final resting places of the old settlers of Homewood and Mountain Brook, especially when it is Only these two cities profiting from this endeavor?.
The runners can change they're route and avoid the bridge altogether.
Andress , DeMarco and anyone else can come to Union Hill next Saturday morning and see the history they want to destroy.
Everyone is not into running, so why should their' wants" overshadow the wants and will of others.
Put the sidewalk on the south side of Hollywood since that side is in Homewood.
Also, is this a conflict of interest for council woman Andress since she is a past President and current member of the Birmingham Track Club?

Kenny Brown more than 2 years ago