Council debates signs for new Cracker Barrel concept restaurant



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Homewood Star... please show the mural rendering (that was presented to city council) to allow residents their own opinions. They were available at the meeting or I can email you a copy. Additionally, the name of my store is a.k.a. Girl Stuff and my name is Dee Tipps :)

Dee Tipps more than 4 years ago


Hi Dee,

Thanks for commenting. I have renderings of the murals presented at council, but none of them are similar to the final version the council and the Holler & Dash representative agreed upon. I chose not to publish the renderings because I did not want anyone to have an inaccurate understanding of what the mural will look like. Once a final version has been given to the council, I will obtain a copy and share it with readers.
Also, I have updated the story to include your name and the proper store name. Thanks!

Sydney Cromwell
Managing Editor more than 4 years ago

Holler and Dash?

Seriously? That's the name?

Donna Bartle more than 4 years ago