Council considering two proposals for Patriot Park lot



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Yes to The Grove

I agree with the first two posts. The Grove would be a place I would go to eat and enjoy the park. To me, I think the food trucks and beer will bring more problems to Oak Grove and Homewood. I've lived in Edgewood for 40 years.

Don Moore more than 4 years ago

Please choose proposal 1

This is the best proposal for the community! Although they want to pay less for the lot, there should be increased tax revenue, and is much more family friendly! This would increase the value of the homes and the park, and should bring many more people into the community! Please, please choose proposal 1!!

Melody Creasy more than 4 years ago

The Grove property

Im for the FIRST proposal, I live Huntington Glen and think this one has more for family time than food trucks and beer. A cafe and other shops would bring in so many more people. West Homewood needs a place like this to hang out with kids like Edgewood, We don't need food trucks and beer if you want that go to Lakeview and Avondale to party. This area has a lot of young people and young grandparents like my husband and I who would love to spend time with our grandchildren in West Homewood instead of driving to Edgewood where we actually raised our three boys. Its just time we had something to be proud of in our neighborhood. we have enough problems with the Hotels!!! Don't let the high price of the lot "GET YOU" we need a safe place for our families!

Susan Garner more than 4 years ago

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