Council calls meeting over gas station sign



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NOT about free speech

Whoever said this was a free speech issue is completely misunderstanding what that means. No one is proposing to pick and choose what message/ad can go up; the objection is to the huge ugly sign itself. The "speech" is irrelevant.

Rosalind Fournier more than 5 years ago


This is all about money for the owner of that property. The best thing we could ever do to force them to remove the sign is to impact their money. I've shopped there for years and can easily not buy another gallon of gas from them until it is removed. If the city can't legally take care of it, then the citizens can do it economically.

Tommy Skinner more than 5 years ago

The billboard company's actual sales pitch

Regarding the comment that there is no way it will be visible from I-65, this is a description of the billboard that was copied and pasted from the New Point Outdoors website about this particular sign:

"This double 14’ by 48’ digital board is located at the intersection of Greensprings Highway and Lakeshore Parkway. It is one of the best in Birmingham because of its pivotal location that leads from I-65 to Homewood, Vestavia, Mountain Brook, Samford University and Brookwood Village.
It has a full view from the Southbound lane of Greensprings Highway, East and Westbound lanes of Lakeshore. Because of it’s location, it also has a view from the I-65 North turn lanes as well.
With over 28,000 vehicles per day on Lakeshore, these boards generate 39,000 impressions per day and over 23,000 vehicles per day on Greensprings Highwway that generates over 32,000 impressions.
It is the only full sized digital board in Birmingham Metro located in an interior area off interstate. This board also has significantly longer read times due to the traffic lights at the intersection. With its location, this board is a perfect addition to your marketing plan if you want to reach some of Birmingham’s premier consumers."

This is their sales pitch to potential advertisers. They have completely missed the mark in touting their sign as the way "to reach some of Birmingham's premier consumers." Alienate Birmingham's premier consumers, yes.

Also note their boast that this is "the only full sized digital board in Birmingham Metro located in an interior area off interstate." Totally disgraceful.

LCJ more than 5 years ago

County Law needs to be changed. Not that hard to do.

This comment by Sam White is baloney and looks like it was written by a billboard company employee. This sign will definitely detract from the improvements the City of Homewood has made to Greensprings Avenue and will damage property values in the City of Homewood. Cities, Counties and even States can pass sign laws and zoning laws that protect their unique character from billboard pollution. One thing this billboard will say to people who see it is the community where it is erected doesn't care much about its appearance.
If this is to be stopped from happening again, Jefferson County needs to amend it's sign ordinance to simply state no new billboards can be erected. This is simple, legal, and has been upheld by the courts. This has been done already by hundreds of counties and cities nationwide. In Jefferson County, Trussville, Vestavia, Hoover, Adamsville, and Birmingham all have "no new billboards" written into their sign ordinances. The problem is, as demonstrated with this sign, some of our city boundaries are irregular like Swiss cheese and there are pockets of Jefferson County everywhere

Steve DeMedicis more than 5 years ago

Digital Board

There is no way this board will have a view from 65, the pylon is just not that high.

Secondarily, lets focus on the Jefferson County Commission; this is their issue, and they should have held a public hearing on this. I support our City Council, Mayor, and City Administration. The entire issue with this sign and its construction has nothing to do with best I can tell, they had absolutely no venue to even discuss.

The Commission is totally at fault, and needs to hear from all of us.

Jessica more than 5 years ago

More to come...

Jessica, the picture above doesn't show the two additional sections of "pylon" lying on the ground. When these two sections are lifted into place, this sign will likely be as high as a 10-story building.

Tony Derriso more than 5 years ago


For what it's worth my opinion is if this entity is a legally permitted one I see no concern. It's very important to understand our first amendment rights and freedom of speech. Digital signs do not need to be seen as negatives they can be valuable tools in our communities for information as well as Amber alerts and can even safeguard our neighborhood. Alienating a new community partner is not the answer I only hope the owner helps us with this tool he or she is providing to our landscape. I welcome the new business.

Sam white more than 5 years ago


Just because it may be legal does not make it right. Furthermore, we have rights as citizens to NOT have obnoxious electronic signs advertising into our back yards. I think Homewood should annex this area and change the zoning to force this thing to stop. That is a bad location for this. There are places where it is OK (like behind Kmart right up on the interstate).

Jim R more than 5 years ago

Are you serious?

Sam, have you been by this location? Do you realize that the picture only shows the first of three sections, that this sign will likely be as tall as a 10-story building, and that the company intends for it to be view-able by people as they exercise on the Greenway? Do you honestly believe a "new community partner" would erect such an obtrusive monstrosity, clearly intending to dominate the surrounding landscape? Although I sympathize with your appeal to the first amendment, I think your argument is naive (or that you possibly have an economic interest in this project).

Tony Derriso more than 5 years ago

Digital Billboard

I live diagonally across from the BP in Lakeshore Estates. I see that intersection from my lovely covered porch and my den, living room and master bedroom look down on that scene. I don't mind the businesses; they are part of a normal urban visage, but that sign DOES NOT BELONG THERE! After ten years of buying my gas (for FOUR cars) there, I won't buy another gallon there or at any other BP or Circle K store.

Elaine Snow more than 5 years ago


I live near that BP and just will stop shopping there. Simple as that.

jennifer more than 5 years ago