Council asks residents to be aware of recycling rules



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Clarification needed

This newsletter says plastics #3-7 are not acceptable for recycling (which by it itself is useless since most plastics have no #). On the other hand, when you go to the city's website, it appears to show the only unacceptable plastics for recycling are plastic bags. I would think plastics #3-7 (whatever they are) would include more than plastic bags?! This is confusing and clarification is needed.

Rodney 241 days ago


We desperately need to add plastics beyond 1 and 2. The quantity of #5 bottles I toss into the garbage is appalling. I understand that glass does not garner a profit, but what about these other plastics?

Change! 320 days ago

#5 recycling

Whole Foods (at least the one in Hoover) now accepts #5 plastics for recycling.

Matt Hamilton 315 days ago

Clarification about plastic bags

Are plastic bags that are labeled #2 accepted by Republic? It would be helpful if each resident was provided with a list of recycling items accepted by Republic rather than relying on a website.

Hy Prince 355 days ago

This needs to be posted in What’s Happening in Homewood

Perhaps people will read it and quit putting the wrong items in our recycling bins.

Barbara 355 days ago

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