Council approves sales tax increase for $110 million schools, parks growth plan



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Last minute public disclosure

The school board held a huge meeting last month where I heard they had a packed house and the question was asked how would they fund this 70 million dollar project and they said that that had not finialized that yet. So thisbpublic hearing, which I only found out about 4 days prior from my soon to be representative, Jennifer Andress, where the city had a bond sales lined up and ready to go with the surprise sales tax increase tacked on to far far fewer people in attendance. They should have faced the fire at the packed house and disclosed how they were going to pay for it then. This and a number of other items have been very shady and remind me of how Larry Langford operated. I feel that if the city has this big of a financial deal going through there should be a clear budget outlined and a PLAN of how they were allocating every penny. And there was not a presentation of either at the meeting last night,yet they were ready and willing to take on a huge debt without knowing where the money is to go.

Lindsey Chitwood more than 3 years ago