Business owners request possible removal of 18th Street trees



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I wish the comment tool had ability to "Like" other people's comments. Any chance they can add this? I agree with all the comments below. These owners should be maintaining their property not asking the city to cut down these trees. Unreal.

Jim R more than 4 years ago

Keep the Trees

Clean the gutters more often or get bigger gutters. The trees should stay. Its a maintenance issue.

Heather more than 4 years ago

Save the Trees!

Agree with everyone else! Cutting down the trees should not be option. Maybe first they should put a new roof on the buildings with wider gutters with shields as Vance suggested. Makes me sad that they would even suggest such a solution as to cut down the trees rather than fix the real problem.

Kristi Wilson more than 4 years ago

Gutter guards

get gutter guards installed... There are better solutions than cutting down the trees.

Jim Nolan more than 4 years ago

Keep the trees

Clean the gutters, install wider drains.

Adam Morel more than 4 years ago

Save the trees

Save the trees!! I agree with Vance.. Get wider drains. You can also clean your gutters more often. Be proactive an take responsibility of the issue . Homewood is special due to the beauty of the trees. Plenty of businesses would like your location so if you cannot deal with it maybe another location would be more suitable.

Jan Rabon more than 4 years ago

Save the Trees

As a downtown Homewood resident I will be boycotting these businesses and suggest if you are opposed do the same. Lets let the market tell them we are unhappy with their stance.

Rand more than 4 years ago

Trees are Homewood!

Please leave the trees alone. Clean your gutters. Flooding is just part of owning your own business!

Shanne more than 4 years ago

Blame the Trees

Unreal. Poor shop owners. Blame the trees!
Hire a job seeker to clean your gutters!
That's like cutting the now tall trees down b/c they're hiding the important billboard!
If you cut the trees down, I won't shop there!

Miketh more than 4 years ago

Trees are the problem??

Trees are the reason people move to Homewood. They are what make our neighborhood so charming. Please, please, please do not make downtown Homewood look like just another strip mall because a small number of businesses have problems with their plumbing.

Amanda Dorsey more than 4 years ago

Save the trees

I agree...the trees are part of what gives the area its character. If we wanted to shop somewhere without trees (and character) we would go to the strip mall!

CPG more than 4 years ago


I am a Homewood resident and could NOT be more against the removal of the trees in downtown Homewood. This has been kicked around for years and fortunately hasn't resulted in destruction...YET. At least by what this article says, this sounds more like a lack of roof maintenance issue rather than something caused by trees. Blaming the trees for causing flooding is ridiculous.

Jeff Fowler more than 4 years ago