Lakeshore development met with controversy at Planning Commission



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Samford Slumlords

Samford owns several homes on Windso/Saulter roads in Homewood they do not maintain so I absolutely object to them creating additional housing in Homewood. What happens after Covid? More slums? Also they do not pay property tax because as a university they are exempt.

Elizabeth Milne 46 days ago

Response to your moronic comment

Do you even realize the economic impact that Samford has on the city of Homewood? Because the University doesn’t pay property tax is your way of saying it shouldn’t be allowed to assemble a proper quarantine area? If it weren’t for Samford, you can guaran-dam-tee that the ghetto aspects of Green Springs would have made there way East quicker. You’re a typical white guilt inflicted idiot. Without Samford, your neighborhood would be Section 8 housing. Think long-term (I know that’s hard for a narrow-minded, Doug Jones supporting idiot) and did everyone a favor and take your moronic comment and SHOVE IT!

Kamala Blow Harris 39 days ago

Covid concerns

I'd rather samford did do something to protect the homewood community. If covid gets loose in the dorms it would spread like wildfire in the township. If the tiny houses work and can be repurposed later in life I'm all for it. Homewood doesn't have to equate with Mcmansion.

Danny Noble 46 days ago

Tiny houses in the land of McMansions. That’s unheard of!

Is Homewood so stuck on itself that they can’t Cetus up with the tiny home movement?

Keith Wilson 46 days ago