The comparison trap



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one of the main places you have to teach them not to compare is within the family sister, cousins, ect. Those are the ones that cut deeper than others. My brilliant sister who is a mom of 4 all with epilepsy of one degree or another. She also homeschooled all of her kids. Just as in real school some excel more than others the 26 year old haven't driven in years due to her illness and the others can drive. What I see that she has taught her kids and Lord how I wish I would have done the same. Is to look at themselves like God sees them. Fair is what you pay to a bus driver because life is not fair. BUT God always is, she taught them happiness within makes you a better person and only you can choose to be happy within ! Then as they get older the envy and I wish and comparison is much less because they are happy with who they are and what they have sick and all. If they saw things their friends had and liked them then she taught them to work for those things but not to envy them. They were taught to appreciate each other and the hard work that it takes to have different things. They to me are very happy within. That is the key to it all love the Lord see yourself as he sees you and respect the work it takes to obtain things. I wish over and over I would have done this with mine . "We always want what we don't have" but we can be taught that is not what God wants he blessed you to be the way you are !! Curly , straight , or skinny , heavy God made you! The song God made me special comes to mind ! I think if you were taught by your mom
To be a great mom you are doing great!

tiffany more than 4 years ago


Thanks for the comment Tiffany! Your sister sounds like quite a mom for sure. And you made very good points about teaching kids to be happy with what they have and to be happy with themselves--something that will serve them well as they get older. Thanks for writing!

Lauren Denton more than 4 years ago

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