Kate’s Socks: A Lesson on Individuality



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Loved my Mama!!!

I never really thought about it until I was old enough to look back on my life growing up. Thinking about my perfect mother always dressed from the time she awoke in the morning. Stockings, makeup, shoes, purse all matching...she was beautiful on the inside and outside. But....she always let me be me with no comments. I would dress proper when going out or to church...all by what I liked and I looked nice but always had my own style. But I was probably way more casual than she would probably want me to be day in and out. We shopped together a lot and she always let me chose and be happy with my style. I've raised my kids the same way. We have never had a stigma in what we should wear or what's cool and what's not. We just bought what made us feel good no matter what anybody thought it said and have never had any problems. They would probably think it was weird or not cool if someone made a comment.

Wendy Gewin more than 4 years ago

Our regrets on caring about being cool.

I have two boys on 20 and one 17. The being cool was not put on them by their peers it was by me. One thing I will regret and I have learned the hard way. Being the room mother every year and being at the one on every field trip I began the cool thing early. They had the latest cloths, toys, hair styles ect.. I never pushed them or let them try things that weren't cool. Being in the Boy Scouts were considered nerdy when I was in school so I never even ask or gave it a thought. Same with the band. I never dressed them in anything but the best. I made sure they had the coolest things out. I never tried music it was not the cool thing. Being in sports were. We never gave options on their intrests always ours. Allowing our oldest to call his brother names when he likes certain things. I have even punished ours by not letting them dress "cool". Looking back on these things I regret and feel I put my kids in a box and set them up for the path that they could not get out of. You don't go backwards after being the cool kid or the most popular. What I learned is that I kept them from the highest potential. I see so
Many kids that were in the band and Boy Scouts the things I considered nerdy be very successful in school. I put my kids in the best school. Never did I realize they would have been better off in a school they could succeed because they learned a certain way. It was not cool, and it was a status thing for me too. Saying this Lauren you are right to stop these things now. We put things on our kids that we don't even recognize at times. So when you have little ones it is ok to go to pace or to be the AR winner for the year , heading up the debate team or making it to the national day of prayer at the flag pole. You are not cool in k5 but we start to lay a foundation even earlier than that by the best of everything. We pass by the cloths in Walmart or Kmart because they are cheap! Take them to Walmart let them see you buy them and your self Walmart cloths at an early age they learn not to judge others. Let them go with out a bow sometimes. Then the kids that never have one are not so different. These are hard lessons you learn when your 20 year old is not happy until at Christmas he has a 90.00 vineyard vines shirt and the latest bow tie or the coolest yeti. It is ok not to be the most popular or have it all. My mother has 11 grandkids all but mine have been home schooled. My sister is a millionaire and gave her kids everything I am not and gave my kids everything we raised 4 BRATS my other sisters made her kids work for everything and set a strict birthday and Christmas budget and they are the hardest working and most successful of all. We are what I kids become we start early as Laurn has learned and that is a great thing to recognize early! Another thing I say about some of the embarrassing or things they do at an early age . Don't sweat the small stuff tomorrow they are grown and gone. Life is short!

Tiffany cotton more than 4 years ago

Short shorts and revealing tops

I loved this article. You are so true that we need to step back and enjoy the part when they are carelessly walk out of the door. I do not think that it helps with the short shorts and revealing tops part but hey we cross that bridge when we get there... I am there already with my bigger girls and boy it is not easy ;)

Nelli Toth more than 4 years ago