Proposed Master Plan for former Magnolia Apartments property unveiled



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Intermediate School

Why not build an intermediate school (Grades 4 and 5) in the same building as Central office? That would solve the overcrowding problems at Edgewood Elementary without having to build an entirely new elementary school. Something needs to be done urgently about the overcrowding. Our children and our teachers need us to think of a solution for them.

Cynthia more than 5 years ago


I am appalled that HCS thinks athletic storage, parking, greenery, and relocating the Board is more important than an elementary school that has run out of classroom space for a growing school population.

Jack more than 5 years ago

Proposed Master Plan

Why couldn't we build a new elementary school on the former Magnolia property. Edgewood is presently out of classroom space. I don't foresee the enrollment at Edgewood lowering. The teachers on the same grade level are not housed together; they are scattered throughout the building therefore there is no cohesiveness among the grade levels. Then the Homewood Board could be housed in the old Edgewood building-- which would be a central location to all five schools. Accomodating the needs of students at an overcrowded school should take president over relocating the Homewood Board of Education. I have always prided myself with how Homewood is known throughout the community for putting students needs as top priority. Please don't disappoint me now!

Rebecca more than 5 years ago

Master plan

Looks great. The new space will clean up the area

E more than 5 years ago

Great start

Sounds beautiful and well thought out to me. Thank you for considering storm run off which is always a neighborhood problem and excellent considering those students walking up Valley which personally has worried me.

Claudine more than 5 years ago


Ridiculous they need to build a new elementary school to compliment the middle school. The board doesn t need a new office and parking is a waste of this huge property !

Shawn more than 5 years ago