Mayfair resident leads effort to keep traffic triangle



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Different, but still nice.

Looking at the rendering, it seems this intersection will look as nice as it does today; just different. I drive through this area at least twice a day. I don't know if the triangle is unsafe but I often find the traffic around it confused. I've got a triangle in my neighborhood and I'd be more than happy for it to be removed and the intersection redesigned (Ashley Rd).

Chad more than 1 year ago

Slight correction

Just to be clear, I did not "create" the plans for the sidewalk. I merely rendered a concept sketch from plans that have been around for many years.

Wyatt Pugh more than 1 year ago

Mayfair triangle

The triangle is a unique, beautiful design feature in our neighborhood and that also serves as a speed deterrent. I am adamantly opposed to the destruction of the character of historic Homewood neighborhoods. I walk and bike in the neighborhood several times a week; funny that I've never run across Jennifer or Peter. I do see my neighbors, every single day, strolling through the streets of Mayfair; streets designed to be pedestrian-friendly. If the triangle is perceived as a hazard by the fire chief, then we need to add the Linwood circle and the other roundabouts in our city to the list for destruction. Under the McBrayer administration, the beauty and character of our neighborhoods is dying a death of a thousand cuts. I, for one, am determined to stop the destruction.

Marcus Sparks more than 1 year ago

July 2018