Fresh Market, DSW, Dunkin' Donuts, more coming to Homewood

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Restaurant Depot

We go to the Restaurant Depot in Atlanta.....and love it.
Restaurant owners will love it as well as families!!!

L. Thomason more than 5 years ago

Overetailing Lakeshore

M.M.- Thanks for your comment. We are looking for different viewpoints for an upcoming story on retail development in Homewood. Please email me at We would love to include some of your thoughts.

Madoline, The Homewood Star more than 5 years ago

Nursing facility

We just updated the story to clarify where it is located.

Allie, The Homewood Star more than 5 years ago

Overretailing Lakeshore

I live off of Lakeshore and Hwy 31, I'm concerned abt how heavy the traffic is going to be because of all this. Not to mention the high school is located close by, what abt the safety of our student drivers in heavier traffic? Why couldn't more of the empty space at other end of Lakeshore been used? I'm not looking forward to this at all.

M. M. more than 5 years ago


Where exactly will the nursing facility be?

Lisa T more than 5 years ago